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spanish thematic courses

Thematic Courses

If you have a trip coming up either on your own or with your colleagues, friends or family, we can help you.


From the Camino de Santiago to the Machu Picchu, we will design a course that meets your communicative needs and deepen into the cultural peculiarities of the Spanish-speaking countries of your choice.

choose the topic

You decide the topic

- 4 sessions minimum- 6 hours tuition, €149 per person


(Offered to groups - 3 people minimum)

Contact us to discuss your needs.

plan your next trip

Knowledge equals power

We suggest places to visit, foods and tourism information. If you are planning to tour around any Spanish-speaking country, we will advise you in case you like to hear experiences or recommendations.

infinite range of thematics

We listen to your needs

Gastronomy, sports, tourism, history, literature, science... Feel free to set the topic you would like to speak and learn about in Spanish.

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